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The spectrometer is designed to meet the requirements of smelting, metal processing and machining users. The purpose of using the equipment is to analyze the ingredients of the raw material and the composition of the hot metal, and then get the content of each element to conform to the standard. C, Si, S, P, Cr, Mn are the six key elements of casting chromium grinding ball.

he whole digital spark source is controlled by computer. Through CCD detection technology and unique vacuum chamber, non-metallic elements C, P, S and various alloy components can be accurately measured, so as to achieve full spectrum analysis. This equipment has accurate measurement results and good long-term stability.
Main Technical Data
Test matrix: Fe、Cu、Al、Ni、Ti、Co、Zn、Sn、Mg、Pb etc.
Analyse wave band: 160-650nm
Focal distance:400mm
Grating line:3000/mm
CCD pixel resolution:6pm
Tungsten electrode material ejection electrode
Analysis gap:4mm
Excitation frequency: 100-1000Hz


JB-300B impact testing machine is widely used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under the action of dynamic load, so as to determine the quality of materials under the action of dynamic load.

This machine is semi-automatic control testing machine, simple operation, high efficiency, swing, impact, discharge control. And the residual energy can be used for the next test preparation, especially suitable for continuous impact test in laboratory and a large number of impact tests in metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other industries.
Technical Data:
The impact of energy: 300J 150J
The impact speed: 5.2m / s
Pendulum horn angle: 150 °
Sample bearing span: 40mm
Bearing jaw round: R1.0 ~ 1.5mm
Impact blade fillet: R2.0 ~ 2.5mm (R8mm)
Pendulum center to the impact point distance: 750mm
The standard sample size: 10 * 10 (7.5 or 5) *55mm
Pendulum torque: M = 160.7695N.m 80.3848N.m
Power and power: three-phase four-wire 50Hz 380V 250W
Dimensions: 2200 * 650 * 1900mm
Angle accuracy: 0.1 °


Rockwell hardness tester adopts Rockwell measurement principle to measure Rockwell hardness directly. It has the advantages of good structural rigidity, simple operation, stable explicit value and easy maintenance. Widely used in carbide, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and other materials Rockwell hardness test.
1. The machine data is accurate, the tester is reliable and durable, the test efficiency is high.
2. Dial can read HRA, HRB, HRC scale directly;
3. Adopt precision hydraulic buffer, feeding speed can be adjusted;
4. Pure mechanical manual detection process, no electrical control;
5. Widely used in production site quality control; Strong adaptability to working environment;
6. The accuracy conforms to GB/T230.2 ISO 6508-2 and ASTM E18 standard.
Technical Specifications:
Measuring range :20-88HRA, 20-100HRB, 20-70HRC
Test :588.4,980.7,1471 Newtons (60,100,150 kgf)
Maximum allowable height of sample :170 mm
Distance from center of pressure head to test wall :135 mm
Hardness resolution :0.5HR
Overall dimension (length * width * height):466 * 238 * 630mm


Another test for casting grinding balls is to observe the distribution of martensite,austenite, and carbonaceous water mixtures. This process sees changes in the internal structure of the ball as a result of heat treatment.
Metallographic premill
M-2 double bench - type double speed metallographic pregrinding machine is a wet grinding machine. Using a variety of different sizes of waterproof sandpaper, all kinds of metal and alloy samples can be polished. Using this premill, on the one hand, mechanical polishing replaces manual operation, thus improving sample preparation efficiency. On the other hand, it can completely remove the heating marks created on the surface during sample cutting, polishing the tissue for further microscopic determination. It can help cut the ball for further testing.


Falling ball testing machine is used to test the number of falling ball of grinding ball. The working state of ball grinding in ball mill is simulated. The falling times of the ball reflect the crushing rate of the ball.

It mainly tests balls of the following sizes :Φ80, Φ100, Φ120, and only one type is checked at a time when testing, other transmission tubes should be closed.
The fall distance is 3500mm.
The number of falling balls is counted by the photoelectric sensor signal.
Place the device on a flat ground; The power supply is 380V.
One person is required to perform the check.
The ball under test shall be smooth and without defect.
Before power-on, the operator should add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil on the reducer and tighten all screws.
In the machine, there are 16 grinding balls. If one of them is damaged, it should be picked up and another one added. If the test speed is fast, the operator should adjust by increasing the outlet weight.


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